Science behind Species Selection


Most endangered or threatened species have declined due to a variety of human-derived stressors, including habitat degradation and loss, overharvesting, invasive species, pollution, and climate change. In other words, the species highlighted by Fossilized Houston are not threatened solely due to climate change effects (e.g., elevated temperatures, increased frequency and severity of storm events, drought, etc). To identify climate-threatened species for this project, we relied on a variety of sources. 

Explore our species by clicking on thumbnails below. 

Sicialian Fir
Sierra Nevada Yellow-Legged Frog
Przewalski's Horse
Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat
Iberian Lynx
11x17.04 Mouse Day-01
Cuban Greater Funnel-Eared Bat
Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle
Small-Toothed Sportive Lemur
Palma Stick Grasshopper
Antsingy Leaf Chameleon
Elkhorn Coral
Whooping Crane
Aldabra Banded Snail
Houston Toad
Danfoss' Mouse Lemur
Cerulean Paradise Flycatcher
Pygmy Bluetongue Lizard
Latifi's Viper



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