(Spray and) Pray

This project attempts to capture the beauty and energy of a coral reef spawning event using materials such as condoms and fishing line. Ultimately, this sculpture is designed to turn the Juicebox into an absurd yet meditative space, aimed at getting viewers to think critically about plastic and hydrocarbon consumption while also thinking optimistically about the future.

Coby Kaskel

Coby Kaskel is a Junior studying Computer Science and Biochemistry at Rice University. His previous art experience has only been with sketching and basic drawing, mostly documenting small things such as shoes and faces. His works have been displayed in prestigious venues such as a random art classroom in Sewall Hall and his mother’s attic. He is interested in humor and absurdity, which he implements in some way in his planned works. He is passionate about human-centered design, namely, using design to promote social good. Coby currently lives and works in Houston, TX.




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