This installation, an abstracted reef, seeks to remain true to the detailed physiology and form of the specific coral species represented. These species, which include great star, boulder star, brain and spiny flower corals, are all found in the Flower Garden Banks Marine Sanctuary located only 100 miles off shore of Galveston, Texas. To reflect the 45% of coral colonies in the Flower Garden Banks that bleached or paled in 2005 and 2016 bleaching events, 45% of our coral structures remain white. This decimation and possible extinction of coral reefs in the next 30-100 years results heavily from factors like overfishing, ocean acidification, and climate change that can all find their origins in human actions.


Below we have provided visitors with light pink and purple paint. All are welcome to paint these white coral structures in an attempt to change the bleached corals back to healthy, colorful corals. We seek to show visitors the short-lived effects of brief intervention, and the dramatic and constant changes in behavior required to reduce the carbon emission, pollution and overconsumption that contribute to the global bleaching crisis.

Antonia Brown and Dana Lim

Dana Lim was born in Houston, Texas in 1997 and after a 15-year stint in Singapore, returned to pursue a B.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary

Biology at Rice University. Having always loved art, in high school she enrolled in all available AP programs. In 3D design she worked with plaster, the central medium of this piece. She took part in multiple exhibitions at her school and was selected for the “IN” exhibition featuring works from students of all Singaporean international schools. She also served as an officer for the National Art Honor Society. Art serves as a constant outlet for Dana, and she is excited to return to creating in this sculpture installation.


Antonia Brown was born in 1997 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. During her time in Minneapolis, Antonia was constantly surrounded by art. At a young age, she showed a passion for musical theater and visual art. In high school, Antonia enrolled in AP Studio Art using the mediums of watercolor, graphite and acrylic paint. She was a member of the National Arts Honor Society and was also nominated by her high school to compete in the 2014 Congressional Arts Competition. Antonia has continued to study art at Rice University in filmmaking and theatrical design classes. She hopes to continue her study of traditional as well as nontraditional art forms.




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