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The Cost of Consumption sheds light on the impact of human plastic and seafood consumption on coral health.  Coral sculptures engrossed in expiration date stickers reading '2050' serve as a reminder that by 2050, if current consumption rates continue, corals worldwide are projected to have died out. 


Sculptures are then placed in either a plastic container or meat packaging, encouraging viewers to think critically about how much they plastic and seafood they consume, and how they impact coral health. Finally, viewers are given resources to lessen plastic usage and make more sustainable seafood choices.  Will your consumption make 2050 come quicker or slower?

Cora McKenzie

Cora McKenzie, an Alabama native, received her BA in Sports Medicine from Rice University in 2016. Since then, McKenzie worked in Houston, TX as a medical device researcher, social media strategist, and freelance graphic designer. Cora has worked with clients in branding and identity development, creating advertisements, and designing postcards. Her design and illustration work has also been featured in Rice Paper Magazine. When Cora is not working on a design project, you're likely to find her training for triathlons, binging X-files, scouting new restaurants, or singing 2000s pop (poorly). Cora currently lives Baltimore, MD and is attending graduate school for graphic design at Maryland Institute College of Art. Keep up with Cora's projects on her Instagram, and soon on her under-construction website. For freelance work, please email Cora at 




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