Rice University, Spring 2017

This interdisciplinary course delved into questions of environment, ecology and sustainability through the lens of contemporary art and science. Throughout the course, students learned about different environmental art practices in the context of a complex, dynamic and sensitive ecosystem: coral reefs. Students then designed and created their own art projects to highlight our relationship to local and global reef ecosystems and to provide new ways to rescript our interactions with our environment.

Students: Antonia Brown, Rachel Buissereth, Meagan Dwyer, Vidya Giri, Neha Goel, Lauren Howe-Kerr, Jacob Kaskel, Jake Krauss, Dana Lim, Cora McKenzie, Anh (Cindy) Nguyen, Alex Rovner, and Elaine Shen.

Special thanks to:

  • Our class sponsors: Moody Center for the Arts and CENHS

  • Guest speakers: Natalie Jeremijenko, Gabriel Martinez, and T.E.J.A.S. for enriching our class

  • Rob Purvis from the Moody Center of the Arts

T.E.J.A.S. Guest Speakers!
Tony teaches screenprinting
Lovely screen
Students screenprint a poster
Jake Krauss & his new tee
Screenprinted coral poster
Beautiful prints!
Look at those colors!
Learning with our coral banners!
Adrienne shows how to measure coral
Students learn to quantify coral

Making Alongside Coral Reefs Showcase

On April 28th, 2017, the students of ENST 477 had their final project exhibition, where the culmination of students' semester-long work was showcased. Students had the choice to work in a team or individually to develop a project that engaged audiences in coral reef ecology and the future of coral reefs around the world.  Click on a project name or picture below to get more information.

Special thanks to Adrienne Correa, Lina Dib, Tony Day, and Maureen Haver for mentoring our class throughout the semester, and helping us develop out projects.

Behavioral (Plasti{c)ity}
We Are Plastic
Burning Underwater: A Vigil for Cora
(Spray and) Pray
The Cost of Consumption
Constant Color
Communicating Reefs: Blurring Interd
enCAPsulating coral



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Tony teaches screenprinting