Small-Toothed Sportive Lemur 

Don’t hate on the small-toothed sportive lemur because it has a flashy grill and a sleek ride. They’re just like all other lemurs: found only in Madagascar and already endangered by habitat loss and poaching. This species is pure primate: it likes to sleep all day and chill at night in the dense rainforest snacking on fruit, flowers, and occasionally, its own poop. Mmmm, nutritious. The small-toothed sportive lemur prefers the solitary life and can get territorial. Unfortunately for them, their cribs are already disappearing due to slash-and-burn agriculture. As climate change begins to alter regional precipitation and temperature patterns, what little habitat they have left may become uninhabitable. After that, they’ll have nowhere else to go. And by 2080, they may be completely gone. 

Art by Charisse Pearlina Weston

Lepilemur microdon 



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